Aaron DuRall is a photographer with a variety of remarkable photographs across a range of photographic approaches. Part of Aaron's practice is finding images outside in the world - people and landscapes often (though not exclusively) made in rural, semi-rural, and small-town settings around Aaron's hometown in southwest Missouri. These images seem to hold the warmth, authenticity, and contradictions that make thoughtful, contemporary Southern photography so interesting these days. Aaron, who has in recent years been based in Queens, NY, also has a studio practice that involves making quirky conceptual and still life photographs that have a niche in the commercial, editorial, and fine art photography worlds. And on top of that work, he's also a strong environmental portraitist and documentarian.

Words by James Prochnik


Missouri Southern State University - BS in Communications - Emphasis: Public Relations/Journalism 


The New Yorker

Cosmopolitan '

Parents Magazine


Plus1 Org

Saint John's Mercy Hospital

Missouri Southern State University


The New Yorker


Parents Magazine


The Atlantic

Rolling Stone


A Women's Thing

Crossroads Magazine

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